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Being all about empathic innovation, we focus on new business opportunities

as well as the organisational challenges innovation entails.


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Our clients

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Client cases

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IVC - Sneakpeek

IVC Group

Aligned business strategy and product approach, based on consumer insights.

Groningen - Sneakpeek

Provincie Groningen

Mapping of digital & innovation skills, including action plan to improve the digital maturity level of employees.

CM - Sneakpeek

Christelijke Mutualiteit

Innovation scouting, trend report and set-up of the trend watching department.

UG - Sneakpeek

Uptime Group

Group strategy and engaging transformation story, based on group member input.

IDEWE - Sneakpeek


Creating a clear ecosystem and partnership strategy and process

UT - Sneakpeek


Research on tools and platforms that facilitate communication, bottom-up innovation and idea-sharing

EU2 - Sneakpeek

European Council

Strategic exercise and report on what the future job of the GSC’s policy officers will look like and which digital services the GSC could offer to support them

acerta - Sneakpeek


Casting a fresh look on the HR industry with our Sneakpeek goggles to deliver an inspirational presentation and report of strategic insights, market movements and players to keep an eye on


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Our services

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Business strategy


Are you aligned on the impact of (technological) innovation in your market & the threats & opportunities they entail?

We inspire you with tailored market scanning and help you co-create a (digital) strategy and roadmap

Innovation Scouting


Do you have trendwatching knowhow and a structured method to scan for the latest trends in your market?

We help you create an organisation that is not dismissive of market changes but one that analyses and embraces them

Business Venture


Is your organisation able to quickly develop business cases, based on target audience data, for innovation projects?

Together we develop and validate ideas or existing solutions through an approach of market scanning and target audience validation 

Organisation & People Transformation



Are you deploying employees based on their digital and innovation skills, mindset and behaviour?

We help prepare your staff for the future by analysing their professional digital maturity and play off each employee to their strength

Transformation Buy-In


Is there a game plan to get your entire organisation engaged and energised wrt the challenges of (digital) transformation?

Through communication, education and activation we make sure to get every employee on board in your story

Organisation 2.0


Does your innovation governance stimulate and incentivise employees to come up with ideas, business case, test and implement them?

Let’s instil an innovation culture by creating a clear process and rules of engagement when it comes to innovation 


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Founder & Managing Partner

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